CAA’s SXSW Event (and Impact)

At SXSW this year, Creative Artist Agency (CAA) hosted the Thinkery, a local Austin non-profit as a sponsor to event and encouraged attendees to donate to the charity.

In addition to direct donations, the inclusion of Thinkery in the branding and at the event, gave the group access CAA’s platform to create awareness about their cause (which happens to be building a center for making and doing at the Austin’s Children Museum)

As technology continues to rise in profile, we have an increasing responsibility to lead by example – both because its the right thing to do and in the self interest of protecting our business interests with the government and consumer sentiment.  This leadership comes both though the actions each company around big issues like data privacy and consumer safety as well as advocating for important social issues such as the recent flare ups around gay rights in Indiana and Alabama.

We’re starting to experiment with this at True with a program called True Impact where True-backed Founders select a local non-profit each year and in addition to a direct donation – we work to leverage our resources (and the resources of our portfolio) to help out.

Last year we ran our first experiment with Glide SF and had a great overall outcome.  We’re working on it again this year and will continue to improve upon it each year as we learn more.

So kudos to CAA for involving Thinkery in their event – hopefully more to come from them, us, and others.

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