Inspiration for the next wave of innovation (or the shifting influence of Star Trek to Harry Potter)

If the last wave of technology innovation was inspired by Star Trek, the next period will be driven by Harry Potter.

Thinking back to the start of the Stark Trek in the 1960s, the technology was science fiction and mainly focused on adding new devices to our lives.

The next wave is about taking technology and better integrating into our existing lives to make our lives easier.

To extend the metaphor, our phone (wand) has become our central device for control and identity.  We use it to interact with transportation like Uber (broomstick) and make changes in the real world with services such as, Homejoy, Exec, and others (magic cleaning and life tasks.)

More over, with new Bluetooth LE, devices are able to interact with us passively – understanding who we are and what we’re doing – giving them a feeling of being almost alive. (Magic or enchanted)

Using this framework, its interesting to rethink the next wave of innovation with less screens and more ambient engagement with services and everyday objects.


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