Moving Apartments in SF – March 2013 Edition

Over the weekend, I moved down the street to a new apartment in SOMA near the Ballpark.

While the apartment discovery process is still difficult (and really controlled by Craigslist), I found the actually moving process relatively easy – enabled by a group of new Bay Area startups disrupting the moving process.

These include:


Moving boxes suck.  They’re expensive, unreliable, and disposal is a really difficult process.

ZippGo solves that problem by renting reusable moving boxes made from 100% recycled plastic. Better yet, they deliver and pick-up the boxes directly from the space – meaning I don’t have to worry about tearing the boxes down and finding a place to trash or recycle them.


Not really a startup anymore, but the ability to conveniently rent a clean and working van by the hour is a killer service.  (If you’ve ever rented a uHaul van – this will totally make sense to you)


Over the past year, I’ve grown to love Exec more and more.  The ability to rent labor by the hour – with having clear transparency in prices up front – is amazing.  Made the move much faster and way easier – thanks Shaun and Jason!

The next step in the process – finding furniture – still feels like an open opportunity.  Specifically, while Ikea has really hit it for basic items, trying to move up to the next level of quality is still a more challenging process.

Any recommendations for companies working in this space?

As a quick post-script, I have no Internet in my apartment for the next week – but my makeshift home entertainment center has been working surprisingly well over 3G.




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