10,000 Mobile App Downloads Per Day (or Thinking about Relative Scale)

On the back of the Apple iPhone 5 Launch last week – both Google and Apple announced numbers about the growth of their platforms.

For Google’s Android Platform (September 2012):

  • 1.3m Android Activations per Day (70,000 are tablet)
  • 480m Android Install Base
For Apple’s iOS Platform: (Three Months ending June 2012):
  • 500,000 iOS Activations per Day (~188,888 are iPad)
  • 410m iOS Install Base (Includes the devices added through June)
Thinking just about the new smartphones that are added each day across just iOS and Android – you’re looking at roughly 1.54m phones each day.

Lets be hard and say that only 2/3 of those devices are activated in the United States – that’s still 101,640 new potential customers for your mobile application each day.

If you could capture just 1% of that – you’re seeing 10,164 downloads per day – from potential users who didn’t even exist the day before.

Put in that context – scale in mobile applications becomes an entirely different thing.

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