True Ventures and One Intern-Palooza Wrap-up

Last week, True Ventures and One hosted a group of 225+ interns from across the Valley for an evening of food, drinks, and discussion in our Mission Street San Francisco office.

This was the first year we’ve held the event and we had an amazing time.  It was a great opportunity to meet the next generation of Valley Founders and Engineers as well as learn more about what’s going on in education in the rest of the country.

In addition to great conversation, the group had the opportunity to listen to Naval Ravikant and Mike Abbott discuss lessons from their careers and answer questions about startups and the Valley.  Naval and Mike killed it and offered some amazing insight into the Valley, startups, and how to find happiness in life.

On a personal level, this event was a great reminder of how magical the Valley really is.  My first experience in the Bay Area was an internship with a small 3 person startup in Menlo Park and I still remember how special everyday was and how different this place was.  Spending time with a group of interns who just moved here was a great reminder of those memories.










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