My Top 10 Mobile Applications for SxSW (And how to find me in Austin)

I’m currently sitting in the San Jose Airport waiting for my flight to Austin for this year’s SxSW Interactive.

Though I’ve attended SxSW before, this will be my first year at the interactive portion of the event.  In a previous life, I used to “work” during the music event – which was always crazy.  However, I think this year’s interactive is going to be absolutely out of control (Austin can’t really fit 20,000 people.)

In an attempt to manage expectations (and learn from the lessons of my experiences of SxSW music) – I have made very few plans this week.  On my calendar are a few panels (like the being Young & Rockin It Talk today at 2 PM), a few parties (like the True Venture Big Bang Bordello Party tonight), and a dinner (I’m a sucker for awesome BBQ.)

If you’re around and want to meet, feel free to email me, find me physically on Foursquare / Gowalla, or chat with me in Yobongo. I’m rockin just-in-time planning this week and looking forward to meeting new people and catching up with old friend on-the-fly.

With that in mind – here are my 10 Apps for use at SxSW:

1. Foursquare

I stopped using Foursquare after I gained the mayorship of Pier 38 a few months ago.  However, for SxSW I’m reopening my account – especially this week in Austin, Foursquare is great for seeing who’s around you (and potentially throwing ad-hoc parties.)

2. Gowalla

I’ve never used Gowalla until this week – however – since we’re in Austin I figured I’d give it a shot.  Case use is the same (plus I hear we have a super sweet exclusive badge for the True Ventures Party tomorrow night.)  More importantly – Matt & Kim is playing the Gowalla Party on Saturday night and I’m looking for my way in to the event.

3. EightBit

This App made me start using Foursquare again.  If you don’t have it yet – get it – and then get ready for Saturday night.

4. Plancast

Social Calendaring at its best.  Awesome for figuring out to do next and where people are headed next.

5. Instagram

Photos, filters, and sharing in dead simple fashion.  Perfect for photo memories of the trip to Austin

6. SocialCam

Now publicly released, Instagram for Video SocialCam is a more recent addition the my mobile phone – but it should be a good week to try light-weight video capture and sharing apps.

7. SoundTracker

Publicly released today, SoundTracker is my favorite of memory sharing applications.  Conceptually, music is highly tighed into remembering moments – SoundTracker simply makes that meory easier to share.

8 CardMunch

My favorite card reader.  Now acquired by Linkedin – its totally free and will drastically shrink the number of business cards you need to process after getting back home next week.

9. Yobongo

A longer post coming soon, but Yobongo has quickly become a staple of my iPhone usage for chatting with new people when I have a few minutes to kill while waiting for the Caltrain or at a movie theatre.  For SxSW, its going to be an easy way to simply meet with new and old friends nearyby.

10.  FastSociety

Over the last three weeks with the growing race between group chat apps growing, our group finally made the decision to go with FastSociety as our chat app of choice for SxSW.  Until last week it was looking like it was going to be Beluga, but following the Facebook acquisition, we decided to make the jump to the stylish and sexy new FastScoiety.

We’re getting ready to hop on the plane, so I’ll wrap up here with my only tip for having a succesfful SxSW – drink lots of water.

You’ll be happy you did.

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