The Year of the Connected Web

Sitting on the Tarmac on the way home CES, I’m struck by the opportunity the next year in the world of connected devices.

Costs for hardware are being driven down to a point where the only true differentiation is at the software level, mobile broadband penetration is reaching levels of the desktop web in 2001, and traditional companies like AT&T are gearing up bandwidth capabilities and outreach to gain m2m marketshare

While the web is far from dead, the next year will see an explosion of development of applications far outside the world of traditional Internet investing.

What happens when Fitbit becomes a platform for development? How can Sifteo change the future of play? What is possible when your car and fridge can give you actionable insight on how to improve your energy usage?

Peter Theil says the web is dead. I don’t think it’s dead – it’s just reimagined.

So following the circus of 2011 – what platforms are the most exciting for 2011:

1. Ford Sync (or Other Car In-Dash Systems)

2. iPad

3. Siftables**

4. Yahoo Connected TV

5. Vizio Connected Devices (TV, Tablet, or Phone)

6. Google TV after they acquire Boxee*

7. Fitness Devices (such as Fitbit **)

While these are my top 7, there are a bunch of new and emerging platforms focused on the smart grid and in mobile that may breakout in 2011.

What ones have I missed?  What platforms are getting you excited?


* Prediction for 2011: Google finally realizes they don’t understand social products and acquires Boxee. The combinded product & influence will create a killer opportunity that will enable adoption of IPTV by the mainstream

** True is an investor in Sifteo & Fitbit

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  • Andres Moran

    Nice one Adam. The Internet of Things is certainly going to be a big theme in 2011 and beyond. Sensors are getting so cheap that they will be integrated in many aspects of our daily lives. Regarding Fitbit, it's already becoming a platform by allowing other parties to build on its API.