An Open Letter to Pandora Radio: Time to Get Social

Dear Pandora Radio,

Let me start by saying I love you.

You are by far the best spent $3 of each month and you’re the first example I give when talking about the future of mobile apps – driven by history and taste preference.

However, it’s time to get real and join the social web.  I’m tired of not being able to easily share the song I’m listening to, the songs I just listened to over the last hour, or what I’m listening to in real time.

Specifical I would love:

  • Simple share buttons for Facebook twitter (and buzz – but thats not really necessary.)
  • A simple embedable widget where I can show off what I’ve been listening to on the song level – like shelfaei but for my music
  • A map of my taste preferences and music history. You can even use it to suggest specific stations I should try out or new Bands to purchase on iTunes
  • The ability to view my friends taste preferbeces – this would be an awesome Facebook app – just make it easier to do

Listen – I understand you were way before your time as a web 3.0 app living in a web 1.0 world – but its time you adopt some of the simple sharing tools we’ve grown to love on the net (even your Friends at Grooveshark who keep getting sued have done it)

Once you get this done – I can go back to using you (as well Hunch, Netflix, and Zip Car) as the poster child for the future – data driven apps with a social flare.

Yours truly,



Also consider offering your labels area around the player for me to access an artist’s social profiles or see the next time they are playing in my town.  I discovered the band Tribal Seeds today on Pandora and it took way too many steps to find out they were playing in San Francisco in January.

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